Super crazy past couple of weeks. Please excuse me for being a recent college grad who just got out of an intense 5 month long eating disorder treatment program, then moved to a brand new city after 4 years in another. And for also getting a new job and starting GRE studies. 

I’m finally at a place where the waves of life are finally starting to let me resurface long enough to take a few breaths *inhales….exhales*.

Blog Restructuring

I didn’t forget about this blog. It’s pretty much my baby that I’ve been investing so much time and energy into so there’s no way I’m abandoning it. I just had to establish some boundaries for myself (awesome article on boundaries I read during treatment), because I do want to maintain a normal life while I’m also sharing more of myself with the world. Remember…. I’m still human.

Anyhow, I’ve been getting lots of overwhelming support for this blog both online and verbally and just, THANK YOU. It really means so much, and encourages me to keep writing. However,  I admit there was one teeny tiny downside to all the feedback. (I promised honesty, so here it is…)

I’m still working on my people pleasing tendencies and got too excited and a bit overwhelmed after hearing all our helpful and encouraging feedback.

So I had to ask myself- what do I want for this blog? Here’s what it came down to:

Kara’s Blog Goals:

  1. Sharing. 
    As I mentioned in my very first post, I journal/write a lot anyways. Of course I’m not posting ALL of my entries here, but why not post some highlights that could maybe help others too? God can speak through anything… am I right? If it could be through my posts to you, I’d be more than honored. Like wow… praise the Lord because that ain’t me. 
  2. Connecting. 
    Me with you. You with me. You with others. And I’m going to keep writing in my awkward casual voice because that’s me. Unfiltered, honest, and genuine…. just like I promised. I mean, I could spend all day editing all my grammar and making it look pretty but cmon… as long as you can read it right? I’m not here to teach you English. And might as well make it enjoyable while I’m at it… I want to make fun connections 🙂
  3. Educating.
    Mainly because I just love mental health and psychology and I’m a huge nerd and can talk about this for days. If my experiences and college education can help you take care of your mental health even in the smallest way, I will be so glad. I just want to try and help explain some of these psychological concepts in an understandable and relatable way, that doesn’t sound so crazy (since I kid you not, there are soooooo many misconceptions). 

So I will keep posting. But I’m not going to set myself on a rigid schedule because…  just… why torture myself like that? I’m still learning how to self-care and to find a middle ground between flexibility and planning so bear with me. 

That’s pretty much it for today. I’m just trying to stay afloat over here…and my head over water (I like water analogies okay? Plus, also found Avril Lavigne’s Head Above Water and the lyrics really spoke to me so I’m going to promote it)

Okay, Kara out. Good to be back 🙂